Author Topic: Fake coin Genuine NGC slab?  (Read 1707 times)

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Fake coin Genuine NGC slab?
« on: 2013 Aug 13, 03:51:49 AM »
Please help: fake 1982 gold panda, with a NGC slab.

Saw this post in forum.  I checked the certification number in NGC and they already gave it a CONTACT NGC CUSTOMER SERVICE grade, 3552934-004.  Checked the certification number in CC, CC3329: 1982 1/4 oz gold panda NGC 69.  It has a A fake copy of this coin specimen and NGC slab was sighted in CCS5757 note in the introduction section.

NGC doesn't record fake slabs because they're not NGC's slabs. Sometimes there is a genuine coin and slab, and the fakers copied the certification number to use on a fake slab.
Can I just ask again... so is this an example of the coin is fake but the NGC slab is not or the slab is fake the coin is not?  CC3329 should still have a FAKE problem, right?  I was going to give it one but I hesitated when I saw the note.  I checked and the specimen still has no screenshot of its NGC cert verification page, so I uploaded one already.
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Re: Fake coin Genuine NGC slab?
« Reply #1 on: 2013 Aug 13, 11:12:25 PM »
If I remember correctly, CC3329 is a genuine coin in a genuine NGC slab, but there were fakes of the coin and the slab floating around. It is possible that NGC is NOT actually certifying fakes, and our belief that removing verification information for that reason is wrong. It could be that NGC is worried that people will verify a certification without realizing the slab is fake, so they want people to contact them to so they can be certain.

In any case, this conversation should be taking place over at the forum. We have valuable information about this panda, and we need to participate in it to figure out what the truth is. I believe the CC3329 is genuine, and someone pointed out the fake to me in the LBC list. It might be helpful to track down any discussion about CC3329 or CCS5757 in the LBC list, so you can add it to the conversation in the forum.

Please also mention this discussion here (it's "topic 890 at the CC forum"). I'm sure tjujoypop will appreciate us sharing what we know about these fakes. Of course, we need to also the add sighting, image, and discussion info tjujoypop shared, so please check if we have permission to record those photos in the CC.

If our fundraising campaign is successful, we will get the new features we want to help us handle fake reports better in the CC.

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Re: Fake coin Genuine NGC slab?
« Reply #2 on: 2013 Aug 13, 11:28:29 PM »
One more thing, it might be helpful to contact NGC for clarification about whether coins with deleted grades are fakes, like we've been assuming.