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You are a buyer that wants to buy at lower prices. Or, you are a seller that wants to sell higher quantities. Either way, both buyers and sellers can cooperate in organizing a group buy that makes everyone happy! First, learn a little about what group buying is (it's basically buying in bulk):

Then, follow these steps to start organizing the group buy:

  • Make a post with a title that starts with "Group buy" (GB) or "Group buy pickup" (GBP).
  • Put the number of (identical) items to be bought or sold, minimum.
  • Put the price for each item ONLY IF they ALL sell.
  • Put the time limit for the group buy. 1 week to 1 month is typical.
  • Include details about shipping, pickup, returns, payment, discounts, etc.
  • Ask buyers to post a reply saying they commit to buy (and pickup if needed).
  • Everyone tells people they know to come join the group buy. Lower marketing costs!

Completing the deal with ebay + PayPal is HIGHLY recommended!

Group buy pickup (GBP)

In most group buys, the seller packs and ships each item individually for each buyer, with all the normal expenses in time, labor, packaging materials, and transportation/shipping costs MULTIPLIED for each buyer. That's a simple and straightforward way to do a group buy, but it's possible to do it differently to save even more money. A group buy pickup (GBP) allows the seller to bulk-package all of the purchased items, and ship to only 1 group buy organizer (GBO). This saves the seller a lot of time and money, which allows the GBO to negotiate a better deal for the group, AND the delivery costs are DIVIDED instead of multiplied. All the buyers must meet with the GBO to pickup their purchases. Coin shows and coin club meetings are convenient venues for distant people to meet.

It is wise to have a backup plan in case the GBO and/or the dealer is killed by a meteor or abducted by aliens, before everyone gets their stuff, and even more so if the pickup GBO is NOT a full-time professional dealer. If you buy on ebay and pay with PayPal, everyone will get their money back. Be sure to ask the GBO to review the terms of ebay and PayPal's buyer protection to be sure the group buyers are protected if something unlucky happens.

Completing the deal with ebay + PayPal is HIGHLY recommended!
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