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17 coin designs by Feng Yunming
« on: 2018 Sep 03, 08:11:06 AM »
King World News   "As trade war escalates, China may unveil its secret weapon - 30,000 tonnes of gold horde"...    In the past i posted bullionstar's article that say China has 20,000 tons of gold.     US claims 8 tons but that is all gone...

Motherboard  "Scientist warn the UN of capitalism's imminent demise".        the theory of Peak Oil is coming true....

Posted this below on CCF so go there for more details...

Photos 1 & 2 are numbered and correspond to non-fiat coins 1 to 17 and link to blog.    This blog was posted first on CCF by RAREMEDAL many years ago if i remember correctly...

Seller is going to list some of these 17 non-fiat coins on ebay in a few days.    I will notify when he does that.    NO sales off ebay...
I have marked all that mentioned

1.    Soong Ching ling

2.    Sun Yat-sen

3.    Sun Yat-sen

4.    Sun Yat-sen

5.    Sun Yat-sen

6.    Sun Yat-sen

7.    The white pagoda of Maoying temple

8.    Panda gold-plated

9.    Panda silver-plated

10. Badaling Great Wall

11. Liuhe pagoda Hangchou

12. Beihai park China

13. The god of longevity

14. Reclined Budda

15. Dunhuang murals

16. Temple of Heaven

17. Bronze Galloping Horse

Photos 3 & 4   then 5 & 6 are of Feng's Panda and Temple of Heaven non-fiat coins.   Since Fwang's 2013 translation blog "Feng Yunming and early semi official medals"  I have searched ebay daily.   In 5 to 6 yrs i have found 2 Temple of Heaven and NO Panda non-fiat coins.... 

All these non-fiat coins are very rare and i have seen only the Temple of Heaven and a few Sun Yat Sen non-fiat coins on ebay.....

Did Feng Yunming's non-fiat coins become the inspiration or copied design for the panda fiat coins we see today?     Was his God of Longevity the first?   Was his silver 12 pc Archaeological set plus gilt brass and cu ni (aluminum?) the first?    Many other questions when we study the photos.    Mr Yunming must be interviewed.....

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Re: 17 coin designs by Feng Yunming
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Feng's Panda non-fiat coins set was listed on ebay 132768509285.     There are also other sets listed as seen in photos above...

Chances are Mr Yunming will be interviewed.     If so, we may finally find out that non-fiat coins are part of the early foundation of all MCC.     If so, non-fiat coins may finally have their day......   lets see how it plays out...

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Re: 17 coin designs by Feng Yunming
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