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2019 valentine panda by Peter Anthony
« on: 2018 Sep 03, 12:52:22 AM »
Hi everyone,

Some of you might aware which I am selling the valentine heart shape panda since 2018. I will do so for the 2019 valentine heaert shape panda sponsoring by Peter Anthony. This valentine panda series has commenced since 2016. This is the 4th years in the road.

There are some innovation on the medal and the certificate of Authenticity. Patented Ultranote anti-counterfeiting technology on a Certificate of Authenticity and the medal shows a gem-like ceramic glaze reveals a gleaming silver rose beneath it.

3 varieties are available for 2019 Valentine panda which weight, metal, purity of metal and mintage as stated below

1 oz. .999 silver: 500
9 gram .999 silver: 1,000
5 gram .999 gold: 194

Pe-order pricing for China Pricepedia subscriber are:

1 oz. .999 silver $108.88 each.
  • 9 gram .999 silver $32.88 each
  • 1 oz. .999 silver + 9 gram .999 silver: $132.88 each
  • 5 gram .999 gold: $428.88 each
Shipping fee in USA is free of charge. Shipping other than USA is at USD$60 below 3 pieces of above items.

Please email me at [email protected] to state your prefer quantity of each variety and shipping address which I will able to give you a special pre order pricing.

The person who order whole set of my sponsor Temple of Heaven #3 series will entitle to one piece 9 g valentine panda silver at discount rate of USD21.88.