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Heritage auction top MCC
« on: 2017 Dec 12, 07:36:09 PM »
Heritage recent auction MCC top price item :-

1. USD408K : 2 oz gold pattern coin, NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo, known specimen 3 only which dated 1989. The normal one is 1990.

2. Pattern coin USD240K, 1897年江南省造光绪元宝七钱二分镜面光边精制币, 2 specimen been known, silver, NGC PF 65

3. USD 192K, NGC MS 66 安徽省造光绪元宝七钱二分银币 silver coin

4. 150K, 907年小云版库平一两大清金币, gold coin, NGC MS 63

The rare items still in highlight and demand.

Modern pattern coins price away those empire pattern coin lol.

Will this happen to rare non fiat coin in sooner or later ?