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Andrew, interesting post on N Korean coins.     They are much better then i thought they would be.      Seems many are collecting N Korean coins now as Jim Rodgers posted he was about 3 yrs ago.       Many Asian coins are being collected as the Asians have the wealth now.     I see fewer early year MCC on ebay.    More new issue, paper notes and other Asian coins are being listed........(your fingernails need trimmed!)...

am and advisor
I create a new thread here which I feel this is important information
Hi Pandamonium,More test notes have been minted by government printer in china (more than 20 government printer in China) since 2016. As usual, it is in a mess, everyone of them have own management and starting minting to create demand BUT not all test note are good and everyone are success. I did go into this segment BUT a small try with 5K investment on it. The hot trend of test note have down and those printer fail in creating demand due to unsystemtic and not everyone go to same direction in educating collectors and buyers. It encourage flipping. However, the well known and stable test note still growth well and not hurt badly by the bad horses. This is the same for the panda non fiat coins which the local start it and try issue more series. However, not everyone doing well and get recognition. Many fake news, bumping and dumping and hyping. One recent series has went to panic sell from NGC 69 sell at $139 price down every 2 weeks till $59 now. On top of it, they compete customer with each resellers within the team by lowering down price to get sales by 29 bidding in ebay. If the item sell very well and very recognise as informed by them no reason of selling those at loss and below pre order price after deducting all fees. I try to be objective and not post the screen shot picture of the item mention by me and name the person here. However, those old collectors know it well.

The above 2 examples tell you 2 points :-
1. China items are messy which you need to do homework on it. This has not been change since 1980 till now.
2. China collectibles like share which you need to follow the management tewho is consistent in performance (sponsor for non fiat coin) not the company (mint). The management team leave the company which is non assurance of the company will perform well and vice versa.

The above 2 points hidden the development of collectibles items of China which also create opportunity too. This is double sword edges. Thus, newbies need to do a lot homework.The above messy yet to be complete. Many dumper and pumper act neutral BUT with financial involvement to create confusion to market. China Mint forum start the news of private mint is better than official mint by champion auction Mr Micheal Chow. He also comment and spread the news there which China official mint will not able to do show panda coin in future in order to promote more private mint items. Those are some post in China Mint forum. New Sino-German Commemorative Medal for Denver 2017 ANA at Table 956.

I cannot find another thread which generate a lot discussion and negative view against Mr Micheal Chow. Now, MCM as reputable coin dealer wrote the same news like Micheal Chow without showing evident and prove as following:-
Commemorative Pandas Banned by China Central Bank
Nov. 8, 2017 Beijing, China

The People’s Bank of China has changed their position on commemorative coins and stopped production of all Chinese Commemoratives struck in precious metal. This sudden and unexpected government ban took most coin collectors by surprise, as China silver and gold commemoratives such as ANA Show Pandas and Moon Festival Pandas have been hugely popular with collectors whenever they have been issued.Exactly what sparked this latest move by the Central Bank is not known, but some China coin experts surmise that the action is intended to refocus world coin collectors on the annual issue China Panda coin series by eliminating the special gold, silver, and platinum commemorative Panda issues which have proved exceedingly popular with collectors worldwide.

What does this action mean to China Panda collectors?

It means that with no more Commemorative Pandas being issued, some of the previous Commemorative Pandas are among the lowest-mintage issues of the entire Panda series. Many Show Pandas and Moon Festival Pandas feature mintages that are a tiny fraction compared to regular-issue Pandas. Since the Central Bank has announced that no more of these highly sought-after Panda proofs will be issued, a new spike in collector demand is expected. This dramatic action by the People’s Bank of China has halted all future Commemorative Pandas. What kind of secondary market demand will result from this action over the next few years is anybody’s guess. But it’s clear that experts will be monitoring auctions and market activity very closely in the months to come.

How MCM related to Champion auction?This is another examples that many people try to confuse the market and bring bad to the market which not under your control and scare the newbies to get it.

Already messy situation which add more fire by those reputable dealers and pure flippers deter the market growth rate

This the same case for old china coins which to many fake items as when price up.

MCC is fun and challenging. Hope newbies get cheat and not give up and able to do more homework before decision.

I will start the weekly utube to give more value information to you. Take note I try to be neutral BUT I am sponsor and seller which I cannot be 100% neutral.

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Miss out the photo

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Me and Rhidumpanda have a lot good discussion in the long main thread which is not easy to find which I hope Badon can add it here. The discussion inclusive of evident, examples and even pictures.
We discuss the following:-
1. Mintage is not sole and important factor in deciding MCC price.
2. Metals are not the factors in price decisions
3. The differ of private and official mint
We have more other valuable discussion too.
Peter Athony has published the differences of private and official mint in NGC. On top of it, he also publish it also in pricepedia. I hope he will not angry with me to republish here.   

He comments in Nanjing Mint and Cheng Choa patented technology in 2018 panda coin. China also make a good presentation and video in Chinese at Beijing Coin show 2017.
Take note NOT all Nanjing Mint use the patented technology and new research technology. Remember what you pay is what you get.
I have informed very early which we work with the R & D team in Nanjing Mints closely. Majority items sponsor by me have applied the patented technology and new R & D technique which yet to disclosed to public by the mint.

I will provide examples with the picture when I am free.

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This is another important topic discussed in the long thread which is hard to search
MCM Claims Commemorative Pandas Banned by China Central Bank - it is Fake News

Definition of fake and so on between China and western countries.

I consider this as fake from Wenzhou which usually minted in Zinc mixed with copper. You seldom see brass because it is hard to copy.

Wenzhou is the best city in china with fake manufacturing of all types of items.

Lovely China Giant Panda & Chinese Temple of Heaven Copper Non-Fiat Coin Coin 90mm

collectingforfun (new, ending, sold)

This seller is selling all types of fact in ebay even the hobby protector act in USA agree the replica as long as stated. However, this is consider as FAKE in china and majority of Asia countries. I am not sure in EUROPE and others countries than Asia.

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