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Because of pandamonium's famous success in finding rare and valuable coins in places that are too packed with spam for people to find anything:

Christmas present came in this morning: Chen Jian's 1980 silver God of Longevity

I have decided to attack all of the Chinese coin categories with my badon's ebay spam filter links and custom searches (BESFLACS) list.

When I first started doing that for the ebay PRC coins 1949 to today category, the spam outnumbered the legitimate listings 4 to 1, and sometimes more than that. It was impossible to rely on cheap auctions for buying and selling. There was just too much spam, from too many fraudulent listings. It had been that way for several years, and it was getting worse with each passing year. My intention for the BESFLACS list was not only to help people find legitimate listings, it was also meant to disrupt the profitability of fraudulent listings, because that would force most of the criminals to find other victims to exploit. I was completely successful in that goal.

Today, the ebay PRC coins 1949 to today category still has spam, but it's no longer dominating the category. I reduced the quantity of spam by thousands of listings, and typically the ratio is between 0.30 and 0.50 to 1. HUGE improvement!

pandamonium mentioned that he had to look through 8000 listings to find the one big score. In my experiments with filtering the categories he was looking at, I was able to reduce the 8000 listings down to 3050 just by viewing only the auctions. Then, I reduced the 3050 listings to only 1462, by removing as many bad sellers as I could identify. I'm not very familiar with the new categories, and I haven't finished filtering them yet, but what little I have done so far is a huge improvement. The new categories are these:

* ebay Chinese Coins Mixed Lots
* ebay Chinese Empire Coins Pre-1948

CCF readers are ahead of the rest of the world. You have a big advantage in finding coins that other people can't find. This advantage won't last forever, so make use of it before the advantage is lost. When the spam and fraudulent listings start becoming unprofitable, they will start disappearing, and then the advantages of using my badon's ebay spam filter links and custom searches (BESFLACS) list will be reduced. You have the maximum advantage NOW.

Good luck!

badon's ebay spam filter links and custom searches (BESFLACS) list is frequently updated many times each day to remove likely-fraudulent, spammy, novelty, or suspicious bad sellers crowding out legitimate sellers. The list also contains many customized searches I use to find nice coins. There are 3050 unfiltered auction listings, and 1462 auction listings remain after removing most of the bad sellers. 1588 spam auction listings from 2957 bad sellers were identified and removed in this update to help you more easily find genuine coins from good sellers. 52.07% of the listings are spam. The bad-seller auction listings outnumber legitimate auction listings 1.09 to 1. There are 11854 Buy-It-Now and Best Offer option listings. There are 11688 sold listings of all types, with a few hundred of the most recently active bad sellers filtered out (this number is less meaningful than the others).

Offline pandamonium

I did not look through 8,000 listings.    That was a example of how many listings there are under the heading "Chinese silver coin".     It popped up on one of my searches.    When searching, look at the bottom of the page and ebay will automatically put in MCC.    That is how i found it.   Just like when i picked up the PF 65 for peanuts, it caught my attention and i jumped........for you new collectors, it is important to remember the design and where the past articles are on this forum or CCF to refresh your memory.     Some MCC you do NOT want to ask others about because if they are rare, the other party will jump on them.    Not many can resist temptation when it comes to Chinese coins/non-fiat coins addiction.......

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You certainly looked through far, far more than 8000 listings before you finally found your Chen Jian 1980 silver God of Longevity. You have been searching through the listings for many years to find "hidden" treasures. My badon's ebay spam filter links and custom searches (BESFLACS) list should make this easier.

There are almost 3000 bad sellers filtered out of my BESFLACS list, so I'm going to have to get creative in managing it all. It is taking me too much time to sort through all the listings to remove the spam. We'll see what I come up with.

Offline pandamonium

Yes i have looked at too many searches.        It takes a lot of daily searches w/ different words to find rarity but they are out there.     Your search links are very helpful too and that is how i found the Feng CATTE aluminum set......