Author Topic: Jingle Jingle all the non-fiat bells are ringing at the same time this christmas  (Read 1306 times)

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There are a lot of choices in the non-fiat space this Christmas perhaps the most ever?

Which will be the winners?

I think the outright winner may  very well be the Shanghai mint bimetallic gold and silver panda.

The Nanjing 2015 set may surprise us

The antique panda lunar Rooster will be good and the monkey and goat should experience fresh demand from Set hunters.

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The Nanjing 2015 pandas will come in silver and silver antiqued versions too:

Re: I'm struggling to keep this secret about the 2014 and 2016 Nanjing pandas...

There are 2 different designs for the 2017 lunar rooster panda, one is the original series designed by Chang Huan, and the other is a new fork of the series. You can view both starting here (scroll down for more images):

Re: 2017 lunar rooster panda design proposal

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