Author Topic: 1 simple reason the Chinese coin market is weak compared to other world coins  (Read 1062 times)

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Search ebay for silver bullion coins

Out of 200 items I see on the first page at the link above, there is only 1 coin from China, a unicorn coin. Meanwhile, Enron, Tuvalu, Fiji, and Superman are all beating China. That's PATHETIC. The problem is this: People don't collect Chinese coins because the marketing for them is utter crap. That's why newcomers feel uncomfortable buying them - they are simply unfamiliar with them! To begin to fix this, Chinese coins MUST have a strong presence in ebay's bullion categories, especially the PCGS and NGC certified ones, where there is a lot less risk of fraud. When you list coins for sale, especially NGC and PCGS coins, put them in the normal People's Republic of China (PRC) category, here:

Search ebay for PRC coins 1949 to today

And then put them in the relevant bullion category also. It costs a few extra cents to do that, but if everyone does it this way in a coordinated fashion, the world will learn about Chinese coins, and new collectors will join us.

* Search ebay for silver bullion coins
* Search ebay for gold bullion coins
* Search ebay for platinum bullion coins
* Search ebay for palladium bullion coins
* Search ebay for wholesale bullion coins (large quantities)

For marketing reasons, ebay makes it difficult to get to a plain listing of the categories above. That means Chinese coin items in bullion categories are unlikely to be shown to ebay visitors. The only way to beat that bias is to make them at least as available as coins from Enron. I think we can do that much.