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Australia's total rip-off of the Nanjing dragon and phoenix series. Mintage 50'000, price about $40 USD + $22 USD shipping: 2017 Perth Mint - 1oz Silver Dragon and Phoenix Bullion Coin. The original Nanjing version is on the left, and it's much more attractive than the hastily-designed Perth version on the right. I'm guessing Australia noticed the success of the Nanjing versions, and they decided to get a piece of the action with their own imitation. That seems to have been the Perth mint's most successful business model - to make imitations of the authentic Chinese originals. They have been doing that since they introduced the first issue of their popular lunar series, in 1996: Bullion Coin Mintages | The Perth Mint.

Use the dragon and phoenix links in my badon's ebay spam filter links and custom searches (BESFLACS) list to find the Chinese versions. Here's a link to find the Australian versions:

Search ebay for Australia dragon and phoenix coins
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Hmmm. Many western sponsors to those pacific islands also try to do high relief too. Mint also join in the game. However their technology yet to catch up at all.

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