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Numismatic collectible Chinese tea bricks
« on: 2016 Aug 28, 01:00:25 AM »
Chinese tea brick sold for the full Buy-It-Now asking price: 122099402700. Another one sold in a cheap auction, and this listing has more type information about it: 401166440272. This listing also sold in a high auction starting price, and it says the brick was minted circed 1928: 142071753926. I wonder if anyone knows if these are genuine? There are enough of them on ebay, I'm skeptical. I made searches:

* Search ebay for Chinese tea bricks ongoing
* Search ebay for Chinese tea bricks ended sold

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Re: Numismatic collectible Chinese tea bricks
« Reply #1 on: 2016 Sep 04, 12:54:30 PM »
One of the listings transcribes an explanation of the tea bricks, and I have corrected errors and copied it here so it is searchable:


This black tea from Mainland China consists of leaves, stalks, and twigs compressed under extreme pressure.  The Brick is composed of 16 squares (see reverse side) which can be shaved down and used.  Years ago tea bricks were a form of barter.  In the lucrative trade with the Orient many of these bricks made their way to Russia - hence the love of tea in Russia today.

The Chinese writing on the front of the brick translates as follows: Central Kingdom Tea Industrial Co.  Chao Lee Bridge Tea...Brick Factory Mfg......China Brick Tea Currency... Circa 1928  # 3