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Lately I have been highly focused on the problem of spam on ebay. The problem had become so bad, ebay was largely useless for finding quality coins in cheap auctions. I had to badon's ebay spam filter links (BESFL) to combat the problem. When fighting against spam, it is inevitable that innocent victims will get caught in the crossfire. This is my musings about one innocent victim who did NOT get caught in the crossfire, but nonetheless was hurt in the quest to eliminate anything remotely associated with spam.

One of my favorite dealers is ggoodluck2013, because he has talent for being the first one to bring interesting coins to the market that are later sought-after by other dealers. Unfortunately, he has been getting overlooked by me lately because most of my attention has been focused on my top 4 panda investments, which ggoodluck2013 doesn't always have in his inventory. I count 16 panda listings in ggoodluck2013's inventory. In addition to having my attention focused elsewhere, I stopped checking ggoodluck2013's listings for interesting non-panda items because he was using "keyword stuffing" to put the word "panda" in all of his listings, even if they were not pandas. The keyword spam problem was so bad I couldn't even find his actual pandas, and I gave trying.

ggoodluck2013 has 215 total listings, and of those, only 19 are panda coins or related to panda coins. Of those, 16 are actual panda coins, but none of them are in my top 4. That's OK, because I collect more than just pandas. Right now, and I can see he's no longer doing keyword stuffing, so I can actually find both his pandas and his "cultural coins" and non-pandas now!

* Search ebay for pandas from ggoodluck2013 ongoing
* Search ebay for pandas from ggoodluck2013 ended sold

ggoodluck2013 only has 13 sales during the last 3 months, and none of them are listings that were using keyword stuffing. The end of keyword stuffing spam in ggoodluck2013's listings will likely result in improved sales. I encourage everyone to take a look at what he has, and show him how profitable it can be to not be a spammer. I used to buy from him regularly, and I'm looking forward to future purchases. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what I'm thinking of buying next, because it's rare, and ggoodluck2013 is the only dealer that has offered it in the West in recent memory! He has a lot of coins like that, and I'm sure you can find something I have overlooked.

Ever since dealers realized he was leading the market, they were regularly checking ggoodluck2013's listings to get ideas about what the next hot coin might be. I expect that trend will gain some traction and resume again.
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