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OK, it's friday, i've had a bit of cheap wine, and the MCC markets are clearly getting more exciting, ofcourse i can't speak to the amazing knowledge and incredible amount of work and provess of the 'old-timers' here, but i wanted to write this short story regarding what i see happening in MCC right now this year 2016. So here goes nothing:

The psychology of sudden change in your environment

How does a seasoned coin collector, used to slow, consistent progress in his coin research and investing react to sudden, dramatic changes in the markets?

This is how the seasoned, reasoned, intelligent coin investor reacts to sudden changes in the market:

First, he stands up, breast filled with air, and a fist full of money, and faces the oncoming onslaught of new buyers by aggressively buying what the army of newbies are about to buy, using his experience and wit to pick key coins that are just about to explode hundreds or thousands of percent in resale value in a very unusually short period of time, a time frame that suddenly goes from years to months or weeks, even days.

As the onslaught continues, the seasoned coin collector quickly scales down his buys, and starts to offer some, but not all of his recent aggressive purchases at decent profits at Buy it Now prices on the markets. The investor however keeps and hides the best coins he was able to pick up just before the onslaught, but still is left with nice profits from his short time buys and sales.

Then, the investor all but disappears. He takes a break, researches his best early buys, conserves, grades, coddles them in his dark little lair, and allows the markets to settle down in the background, allows water to pass under the bridge.

As market conditions settle down in the new reality, the seasoned investor is left with an inventory of key coins that carry very high purchasing power, a very decent profit from his sales, a return to slow, consistent market conditions that allow for research and occasional comfortable lazyness. The seasoned investor emerges from the turmoil a winner, and with his blood pressure intact.

'All men hate change. But only few men can handle change when it arrives'

Have a nice weekend everyone
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