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Let's show Reddit our elite pandas
« on: 2016 Jul 12, 02:59:44 AM »
Let's show Reddit our elite pandas, and make the world aware of these treasures we are collecting. There's a call for posts of coins from each year, counting down from 2016, with one year each day. Here's what we have so far:

* The Year is 2016. Post Coins from Your Collection. : coins
* It's 2015 Today... Post up your 2015 Coins. : coins
* 2014. Post your 2014 coins. : coins
* 2013. Post your 2013 coins. : coins
* 2012. Post your coins from 2012. : coins
* 2011. Post your 2011 coins. : coins
* 2010. Post Your 2010 Coins. : coins

I've made a few posts myself, and this is very much an opportunity to brag about our accomplishments, because nobody else owns coins as rare and valuable as we do! That's why they're called "elite"! When they get to 1984, I'll probably have to post my goldfish :)