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EPCC official rules 2016-05-26
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The Elite Panda Coin Club (EPCC) is a club exclusively for hunters of the rarest pandas (the shiny kind, not the furry kind). "Elite" pandas are the rarest panda coins ever minted!

"Rarity never goes out of style."
--- Nick Brown, the world's top elite panda coin dealer, circa 2008 to 2012.

Apply for membership in 3 easy steps

1. Make a note with "Elite Panda Coin Club" and your CCF username on it.
2. Put the note next to your elite panda and take photos of them together, for both the obverse and the reverse (2 photos total).
3. Post your photos in the EPCC forum with the mintage, and any interesting info you want to share about your coins.

Example from EPCC99-000006:


* Currently we only consider membership for coins with a maximum mintage of 2'014. See: EPCC eligible pandas available on the market.
* The mintage must be a known official authorized mintage or actual mintage.
* The coin must be minted or authorized by one of the 4 official mints of the PRC (Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Nanjing).
* Coins from other mints may be considered on a case-by-case basis (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, etc).
* You are NOT required to own the coin!
* You are NOT required to make the note yourself!

Rarity rank

* Your rarity rank is your rank in the club.
* Rarity rank is the mintage of your rarest coin.
* Rarity rank is earned from the rarest coin you present to the club, if it is accepted.
* Rarity rank is the first number in a membership number.
* For example, the "18" in membership number "EPCC18-000001" is from an elite panda with a mintage of 18.

Earning points

* Apply for points using the same steps as applying for membership.
* Points are earned by assembling a "collection" of 2 or more elite panda coins.
* Points are counted from only 1 collection.
* All coins must be visible together in 1 pair of obverse and reverse photos, with your note.
* Additional close-up photos may be necessary for large collections.
* To add points to your current score, include the coins from old photos in your new photos.
* To add points to your current score, new collections must be worth more points than old collections.
* The points formula for each coin is: 1 / mintage X 10'000 = POINTS
* Points are rounded to 2 decimal places.

About different kinds of members

* Non-owners can be called "poachers".
* Owners can be called "zookeepers".
* Poachers can use someone else's coin for their EPCC photos.
* Poachers can ask someone else to take photos of a coin.
* Poachers can ask someone else to make a note with the poacher's username on it.

Privacy info

* Privacy is safety, and your safety is your responsibility. Don't be afraid to ask questions about privacy topics.
* You are NOT required to reveal whether you are a poacher or not, so no one will know for sure if you own the coins.
* Please keep your privacy and NOT reveal whether you own the coins or not.

Final rule

* We Just Make Them Up As We Go. JMTUAWG ("Jim Tuawg") is our judge.