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BEHOLD! I give you one of the rarest panda coins ever minted, the 2013 brass panda 1st panda expo. The authorized mintage was supposed to be 30 if I remember correctly, but allegedly one of the dies cracked before the full mintage could be produced, so the actual mintage is only 18. There is a copper version with a larger diameter that was also supposed to have a mintage of 30 (or whatever), but the actual mintage of that one was only 23 or 25 (I forgot which number it is). I'm guessing they decided to stop coining the copper pandas after they realized there were not enough brass coins to pair together to make sets.

Maybe, being the first year of issue, the mint decided to make the actual mintages lower to reward the few people who bought them. The mint has been doing similar things lately, so if it was a deliberate decision to make the actual mintage lower, the die-crack story may not be true. The reason I'm skeptical of the die-crack story is because I was told both the brass and copper coinings were stopped because both of them experienced die cracking. That could happen if the annealing and hardening process were done incorrectly, or skipped entirely. For a low mintage coin, maybe corners were cut to make the dies faster and cheaper since they would only be used a few times before being scrapped.

Another possibility is if the copper and brass dies were accidentally damaged simultaneously - like being together in a single tray before sliding off and hitting the ground. In any case, if it's true the dies were damaged, then regardless of the cause, an embarrassed manager or employee may have feared being blamed for decisions that led to the damage, so they might just simply claim the dies cracked unexpectedly, which is a good excuse. Maybe we'll never know for sure, but you can bet I'm paying attention for clues that might let me figure it out eventually.
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1 / mintage X 10000 = POINTS
1 / 18 X 10000 = 101.01

Total = 555.56 points