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For some background, please see this discussion:

2016 Classical Gardens Ge Yuan exact same design copied on other artworks

The Classical Gardens QQ group in China has talked about another plate and coin design that are the same. Check out this Australian coin from 2010, with "ETRURIA 1789" on it. Not only does it match a plate design, it also uses a deep dish design like the CCT6081: 2014 Summer Palace Long Corridor 5 coin set and the CCT6082: 2014 Summer Palace Xie Qu Yuan garden 4 coin set. The plate was issued in a set with the coin, and the design was originally used on a "fine china" plate design by Josiah Wedgwood in 1789: Sydney Cove Medallion Portrayed On High Relief Silver Australian Coin | SCT.

This Australian coin type is owned by Chinese Classical Gardens collectors. I don't think it's a coincidence they added these coins to their collections, and then a few years later the China mint produces some VERY similar coins, complete with a design in 2016 that copies a "fine China" plate design. I think the "deep dish" geometry of all of these coins is symbolic of the "fine china", which they seem to be subtly paying homage to. Interesting! I thought we had learned every there is to know about these coins, but the researching process keeps revealing more mysteries!

You can find the Australian 2010 1 oz silver Sydney Cove coin in this ebay search: Search ebay for sydney cove silver.
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