Author Topic: 2016 brass classical gardens Ge Yuan matte antiqued trial strike discovered?  (Read 959 times)

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A single specimen of the 2016 brass classical gardens Ge Yuan matte antiqued with a very weak strike was discovered in China. The coin was mixed in with other ordinary specimens. The strike is so weak on this specimen that I believe it had to be a trial strike - struck while the mint was adjusting the coining press striking pressure. Another implication of this is the possibility that the specimen in the photo was the FIRST coin minted!

There are many other specimens out there with weak strikes, and it's  possible all of them are trial strikes. The fact people are finding things like this at random is very encouraging for collectors hoping to get lucky by ordering numerous specimens, and then searching them for something that looks unusual. This is the thrill of the hunt - a treasure hunt - that so engages collectors that it may be the most exciting aspect of coin collecting.

The first photo below is the specimen I'm talking about here, with a very weak strike. Other photos are examples of specimens discovered with weak strikes, compared with specimens that have a full, sharp strike. I'm not sure how many coins there are with minor weak strikes. If there are only a few of them, they may be trial strikes also. If there are a lot of weak strike specimens out there, they may be unimportant, and thus probably less valuable than a specimen with a sharp strike. Knowing this information before other people learn about it will give you an advantage is buying the rarer and more valuable specimens before their prices rise to reflect their importance. There are known weak strike in the other types too (silver etc), so maybe there are treasures in all of the Ge Yuan types, waiting to be discovered.

Happy hunting!

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