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This photo appears to be a proposal for a final "capstone" completion coin for the end of the Classical Gardens series in 2017. At the time it was made, the Lan Ting garden was considered the best design in the series, but now that status is pretty unanimously awarded to the Ge Yuan. The funny thing is, the Ge Yuan design was copied without authorization from an art collector plate mass-produced in 1989: 2016 Classical Gardens Ge Yuan exact same design copied on other artworks. I will be watching for new proposals for a capstone completion coin for the Classical Gardens series...I wonder if the final design will include the Ge Yuan?

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This will be an interesting development. I am sure someone in charge of the Classical Gardens series will catch wind of the newly surfaced information regarding the copying of the Harmonious Pleasures plate from 1989, but maybe like Trouble says, China simply wont care. Either way, it's evident that this is at least topical for the QQ group (even more so as of today.). I have not visited the QQ group myself and do not know what the discussions there entail, but the simple fact that this is worthy of discussion tells me that maybe China might pay a little more attention to this issue than Trouble leads on and decisions to the finalization of the Classical Gardens series might be more influenced by this newly found copyright infringement issue than some would think.

I would really like to find out if Master Artisan Zhang Song Mao is still alive. According to the insert provided in the Harmonious Pleasures plate he was born in 1934, making him at least 81 years old today. Growing up around firings your entire life can prove bad on one's mind and health, but if he were to still be alive today and someone were to track him down, this story could take on a whole new chapter.

So many thoughts run through my head about this at the moment.

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I think what is most likely to happen is the act of copying another artist's work and presenting it as your will be considered shameful in the future. Right now, no one cares enough to do anything about it, but like you said, Zhang Songmao may not even be alive to complain about it. Actually, from an investment point of view, the best thing that can ever happen to the value of an artist's work is for the artist to die. The second best thing is for other famous artists to copy their style or create forgeries of their work. When an official government mint creates a copy or "near-forgery" of Zhang Songmao's art, it's obvious there might be a storm brewing here.

No matter how it plays out, it's all positive for the value of Zhang Songmao's art. If copies/forgeries become shameful, that would mean collector attention would focus on the quirky mistakes of the past that will never be repeated again. I'm not sure how we would go about finding original art from Zhang Songmao, but I would LOVE to grab something if it were possible. We might need to get in touch with his family members and bring all of this drama to their attention. They might have inherited some of his "old junk" without realizing its potential value to people like us who might be willing to pay more for it than anyone else would.

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Good stuff guys.  This is barsenault.  I had to do new name, because mine wouldn't work from LBC. No biggie.  I won't be buying that monster non-fiat coin, as I'm sure it will be a bunch of dough.  but I'm happy with all the non-fiat coins I do have from the series.  Not all, but a big chunk. 

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This is barsenault.  I had to do new name, because mine wouldn't work from LBC. No biggie.

That's because you already have an account:;u=103

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Good stuff guys. [...]  I won't be buying that monster non-fiat coin, as I'm sure it will be a bunch of dough.  but I'm happy with all the non-fiat coins I do have from the series.  Not all, but a big chunk. 

Actually, I might be interested in a big completion coin because I made the decision not to collect the Classical Gardens series, and maybe I'd feel better about it if I had the one coin that has them all on it. If it's sufficiently rare, and I can figure out a way to afford to buy it, it might end up being one of the best coins in the entire series, if I have to choose only one. I keep saying I don't collect China scenery coins, but I still ended up owning several of the Classical Gardens, and I think all of them are worth more now than when I first got them.

I'm wondering why the decision was made to end the series in 2017. Why not continue forever if the demand is there? The China scenery and Classical Gardens have always been a stop-and-go kind of thing, so maybe the series will be restarted after 2017 if enough people whine about it. The big question is, are they profitable enough for the sponsors to make them want to continue minting them? I think they probably are.