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Kiangnan Dragon Restrike - 1 oz gold - mintage 100 - PF70 Early Release Label. Pop 1 (so far). Hopefully mine will be the only one...I think it is definitely the only early release label (?).
Updated History: China Lunar Panda Series. Goat - Pig. Popular Series - Animated/Classical. Lucky is the originator of the series. Andrew Lee and I forked the series after the Monkey. I’ll share the details of why the fork happened another time.

Box opening 18 submitted and 18 NGC 70!!  Chinese non-fiat coins

Hi Numistacker!  Great to see you post. Good insights.  Great questions.  I'm definitely a lot more selective in what I'm purchasing.  I did send in 18 chinese medals to be graded (lunar panda dogs, pigs, rooster, monkeys; as well as some other stuff).  18 submitted, 18 70's from NGC...was stoked about the result.  I'll post some pictures when I get the box on Friday. 

From what I've gathered, the Chinese non-fiat and unc fiat coin market is very soft at the moment.  I believe the circulating coin market is thriving - just like the circulating coin market in the US. It's just booming (just saw a piece go for 336k). 

My primary focus is on the Lunar Panda Series (both lucky and andy's) and will dabble in Lucky's official Nanjing Mint Co., Ltd. His Nanjing Panda pieces are coming out soon.  You'll notice it will say Nanjing Mint Co., Ltd, on the label, and not Nanjing Jin Jin.  I'm not sure this Jin Jin is an official mint or has any affiliation with the official Nanjing Mint.  Lucky seems to think it does NOT, but I'll let him comment on this.  But that's about all I'm collecting at the moment from China.  Thanks for chiming in.

I'm curious what others are doing too.

I may purchase a china non-fiat coin here and there if I really, really like it, but for the most part, I'm staying away for now, and sticking with semi-numi coins (perth mint swans, emu, etc...) and a select few from China.  That's it for me.
It has been a while since I started collecting China Mint medals. I thought It was time to give my thoughts having been a buyer of these items.

So after 4 years am I a seller? What do I feel as a past buyer?


Most of these items are very low mintage and by any understanding of the word rare they are rare. Does that mean that they are desirable? Not necessarily so but sometimes it happens through conversation or through folklore.


With a few exceptions I have been disappointed in the overall originality and artistry of these items. I have watched the way they are produced from original designs and seen that originality is very lacking. Commonly there is no original engraving by a master engraver and designs take a backdrop and merge over on a computer some form of foreground artwork. Sometimes things gel like the Nanjing Panda 2016 which pops and astounds and has not been bettered in other years. Sometimes someone like Andy pays extreme attention to quality and takes production values if not artistry to new highs.

Investment Potential

I am deeply suspicious of markets where low value auctions do not provide a fair and liquid market price. Almost all sales apart from desperation sales are set prices or high value auctions and some of these prices are set so outrageously high that the whole market segment is bought into disrepute. I see coins month after month at high ask prices on ebay with NO sales and the few times I have sold even rare items using low start auctions it is clear that there are so few people looking for these items that there is almost no bidding competition at all. Buyers that are there are only interested in items for a very low price far under the high sales prices of most items from sponsors.

Is there potential for the future? Maybe there is and maybe a good strategy is to be one of these bottom dwellers pecking around for bargains and buying all the $30 and $50 medals that turn up on ebay auctions?

What is my strategy?

Overall my collecting strategy at the moment is to sell small low value items and buy older higher value items that have a multi year auction sales history. Am I buying China medals? I am only buying Panda Lunar 62g medals because i love the series. I missed the dog but bought the Lucky version of the Pig and will continue each year to buy this coin. Perhaps I could be persuaded to also buy the Nanjing Pandas which I usually like but i remember reading that they may not be minted in the Nanjing Mint any more is that right or did I get that one wrong?

So am I selling what i have already bought? Generally no for two reasons, I really like these items and enjoy looking at them and owning them no matter what the investment potential they offer. ALSO they are genuinely rare and I do still have at the back of my mind the the feeling that at some time more than a few people will recognise this potential and the demand will increase.

What have I experienced among more mainstream coin collectors?

The USA is the largest market of collectors by far and what i have experienced there is redneck prejudice against all things china and Chinese and those people would not be buyers also those that would be buyers are deeply suspicious of issues not made of precious metal so if I were to buy a brass medal and show it as evidence of how discerning and clever I am i would generally get struck down as an idiot who is taken in by the Chinese and who spends his money on worthless tat. I know that its a beautiful art medal with a mintage of 99 but getting that across to those who are focused on ancient, pre-decimal, US coinage, gold bullion, silver stacking etc is a hard job,

So where am i?

Waiting in the wings for a sign...Where are you on this?

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