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badon / Re: MCC LIST #183, move from LBC and continuation here at the CC forum
« Last post by Y7ASyxC on 2019 Jul 20, 03:50:17 PM »
Hello old friends, long time no see.

I'm breaking silence now Sunday July 21 Because of the immediate explosion in silver that's coming.

It's been long hard years over here, ever since the 2015 arab invasion of my country. But i've gained some ground, i am now on a disability pension, just the last bit of bureaucracy left to determine the final monthly pension.. It takes time because i need to gather the data from all the countries i've lived in to know my final UBI ( Universal Basic Income ) level i will live on for the rest of my life. ( not that it matters, it's all fresh ECB printed money now under Lagarde ). Only then can i get my tax card and know my income until i die. Only then can i ditch my homeland and find anywhere cheap enough to rent a rotten little shack in the woods so i can actually invest in MCC every month. I've waited for this for many many years now.

Of course, as always, JUST before i get my stuff in order, Silver will explode right before, after doing nothing for years, but that's ok, it's called irony.

But the reason i write today is the immediate massive explosion in silver spot that's coming. I've traded crypto now for almost a decade, and in that time even the blind squirrel learns something about markets. I now believe the price of silver will begin rising very rapidly beginning this coming Monday.

please listen to this important podcast from Sprott just now published on ZH:

Hope to start posting and researching MCC again someday soon, i noticed an interesting thread about missing numbers from CoA's, i will study that first chance i get.. just a few weeks more now and i'll be all set. I'm still very very excited about MCC, basically because all i see is dirt cheap prices and incredible opportunities and diversity in the markets.

As you know i have not had the legal right to operate a paypal account until now, so i've stayed away from here because reading the thread without being legally able to buy anything amounts to pure masochism.

Soon, we will turbocharge this thread, because now gold and silver are about to explode.

Regards to all, hi Andy and Badon and pandamonium ( pandamonium you were SO right about everything )
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