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ALL YEARS OF SILVER MUNICH PANDA PROOF MEDALS IN NGC PF69 for sale . PHOTOS COMING SOON .. I also have several hundred coins now listed at coin auction site ..SOLD 18 - 5oz GOLD NGC PF69 PROOFS LAST MONTH ..ALL STARTED AT $1.00..CHECK OUT THE SITE ..MUCH BETTER THAN FEBAY , EBAY. contact me at [email protected] or text best way 910-273-1359 for, more infor and photos of Munich pandas..I also have a few pcgs pr69 silver Munich pandas with super low populations of only 13 or 14 ..thanks kindly, jim d
Hello fellow collectors. I have a complete set of chinese ,10 yuan silver ,lunar series( colorized version) ..ALL are ngc pf70 and pristine .museum quality proofs. 2002 to current year. Photos will post soon. I prefer to sell it as a set but will consider selling seperately if buying several at me here or at [email protected] by text (best way) 910-273-1359 .im known on eBay as dragonbreath and have had several coin stores in the past. Thanks kindly, jim d
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