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here the photo of the book and medal.

I will post the gold and silver photo later with water mark.
The Gold & Silver Coins of China Standard Catalog 2st edition release in the China International Coin Expo (CICE) in Beijing few days ago. It is not the proof reading book. It has a lot changes as told.

Ebay is listing at around 100 -110. I do not states with the panda medal or not. The medal is designed by Zhu Xihua who the artist for 2017 bimetallic gold and silver 35th Anniversary coin. The planned mintage is 5000 But actual mintage is 1000 till now. It is bimet copper and silver-plated bronze. The designer said this new medal was his preferred design than the fiat coin but CGCI chose his backup option for minting the fiat coin instead of this design.There is a gold and silver medal with 10 minted only. As heard the panda medal will be on yearly basis so the book.

If you like to order the book with other stuff from my webpage a bundle deal can be there.
Panda coin / Re: IMPORTANT news of MCC.
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Many things happen to the background in last 2 months for fiat and non fiat coinsderivatives product or alternative coins aka non fiat coin/medal).

Late 2016 Mr Xi has crud corruption and hunting the tigers. 2017 he has hunting the wolf and gang. Late 2017 till now he is hunting the small fly. This cause the traditional culture of gifting the high value to low value precious metals coin has went quite. Sales drop significantly. Some businessmen set up coin exchange to sustain business and avoid the loss of business BUT it been pull down by government due to speculating nature. The exchange price is not related and tight with physical market. The collapse of the exchange has lead to many owner of the register coins/medal to withdraw the physical item out from exchange and sell at significant loss price to physical market. Example, lunar, wild life and some ultra high mintage medals sell cheap in ebay. Flippers claim the insider news which the actual mint is around 1 - 5 K for a 30,000 -60,000 mintage LOL. Grab it before it is too late. BULLSHITTING. The exchange is a gamble tent which has rule that you need put xx quantity and amount of dollar in order to get one non fiat coin aka medal to list in exchange. Those newly mint medals are purely for listing in exchange to gamble and speculate. Thus, it is impossible the actual mintage is so far below planned mintage. You still can see plenty in ebay at same price since day one till now ( more than 1 year). In facts, they are still plenty in open market of China. So beware of USA p-resident slogan "FAKE NEWS" 

Some rare items have showed in market with super low price to get cash from dealers and owners since 2017. I told the low market to buy some of it. However, I am not sure it that a bottom now. Some guess another 2 to 3 years BUT some say it is low now. None have crystal ball. So take the opportunity to get a deal if you know it is a deal by researching.

The Government start to revamp the coin industry which fiat coin mintage will significant reduce in 2019.

Certain policy and restructuring did happen to official Mint for minting non fiat coins aka medal. You will notice lesser non fiat coin aka medal will available in market in future. I view it positively because this will cut down the series available in market. Only the strong will survive. This can means less supply with same demand which will lead the market back to normal instead of the crazy year in 2017 that all people want to jump into the high speed rail. Some of them leg is short and get kill by fail in jumping to the speed train.

I will give more insight after getting any news from the China market.

jsmineset   Information Clearing House   "EU to switch from USD to Euro on oil trade from Iran"...

Zero Hedge  "Turkey repatriates all gold from the US in attempt to ditch USD".

when i first posted a few years ago about China's AIIB banks, CHPS payment system and the Petro Yuan, many thought i was totally wrong and it is all a big joke.    Not many are laughing now.   Huge pressure world wide to dump the USD.     The Yuan will replace the USD.   Chinese money will be real money as will bullion and the best will be gold/silver minted in China.    Does it make sense yet?       People that do not collect coins are now starting to understand my opinion so the herd is waking up slowly.    Very sad for the West but very good for the East....

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120 mm giant

8   "Canada; Trudeau's dishonest speech in NYU blasts nationalism, draws ridicule".       As so many articles state that Trudeau will change Canada into a muslim country just like Europe.     Europe can not survive as the barbarians will soon out number the locals.    The laws will change and protect muslims while allowing the rape, murder of citizens.   Good bye Canada too, sad to say..

AP news  "China's mass indoctrination camps evoke cultural revolution".    Many past article state that some Chinese muslims use knives to kill fellow non muslim Chinese citizens.    China knows when the muslims have power they will destroy many lives so they will soon no longer allow muslims in China.      Russia and Israel are 2 other countries that refuse to hand over their countries to barbarians as their leaders cannot be bought out...

DEBKA file  "Russian heavy Golan 1000 rocket launchers for Assad, Kalibr cruise missiles off shore".     War drums beat louder as Russian superior weapons will soon be in place.     As this takes place soon then the only good news is gold will jump up.    Israel and Christianity must be protected at all costs...

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Goldfish sales are very good for Badon since he owns at least 1/2 the world's 1984 silver goldfish supply (if not more) plus other goldfish as posted on LBC.    He probably raises Koi too.....

1987  Long Beach Silver Panda 5 oz   OMP  box/coa      1 bid @ $200 w/ 1 + hour to go        Ebay 132625072316.....2,000 & low mint...condition?...

Did these 2 sell that fast?...No Longer Available...

1981-92  Lunar Gold 8g  set  12 pc   OMP box             $23,999   NLA                                   Ebay 292563799163....

1981-92  Lunar silver set  12 pc   OMP box                  $3,999    NLA                                    Ebay 292563806096...same seller had both..

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