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A member here owns this God of Longevity Matte 3.3 silver in photos.      Mine was listed on CCF by Jay and I posted it on LBC.      Only 2 Gods I know of.   One dealer in China says 2005 & no good but others say 1993 Restrike Matte.     The reverse is different as it has no 1987 date, etc... Anyhow, NGC is now accepting these for grading...
Have you read the comments on CCF about the high grade, circ coin auctions?    One said a 1995 Y was higher price then 1995 1/2 gold panda!    No wonder Fwang backed off from MCC and got into circ coins when Mr Sun's book came out.       Different segments of this market are taking off while others are not.     Looks like circ coins MAYBE out perform MCC??       We will see in the long run.      Empire silver are circ coins too?   Give it time to play out.   The Sun Yat Sen photo you posted are seeing firmer prices and mostly BIN not many at cheap auction of 99 cents.     Wonder what junk, worthless medals or circ coins i have stashed from years ago when they had small value.      Maybe we should all look into our junk drawer of Chinese coins/medals.     
My continued beating of the drum for Mr Feng Yunming, someone will interview him.     Inquiring minds want to know.    Could his medals be like the Y coins mentioned on CCF and be discovered?     All it takes is a article or publication.       It is always best to position ourselves while there is little info/cheap prices and gamble on the future of different Chinese coins/medals before they are discovered or studied.     How many are left undiscovered as this semi immature market firms up.    This is my main goal.   To help new collectors and to find a diamond in the rough.    Why?    I got into this market too late 8 yrs ago, as the really good stuff was already bought up for cheap....
Andrew, in all you collect Feng Yunming medals?.....
Panda coin / 2018 CoinExpo Santa Clara with panda medal
« Last post by andrewlee10 on Yesterday at 07:39:30 pm »
2018 September 21-23 CoinExpo Santa Clara.

The new coin show panda will release after 30 years from 1987. However, the price of the panda still not appreciate as high as others panda coin in general. USA panda coin show medal and singapore panda coin show always perform weaker than other countries coin show panda  expect the error pieces. Are those USA and singapore show panda been curse? It is really puzzle.

Here the show panda webpage which you can buy it here too.

The interesting is huge 12 oz gold coin show panda  with 6 mintage and price at USD38,500.The 2 oz silver piefort 90 mintage price at USD475

Will it be the Funfair USA panda medal which hype and price go up very high and than down significantly even below release price. I will say no because the mintage is low BUT the piefort price is too high.

Few design, Panda design look great BUT the FAT dragon not my taste. How about you?

No edge of the non fiat coin erw not favorable
There are 2 small empire coin here.

Anyone one can tell the current market price and rarity?
« Last post by andrewlee10 on Yesterday at 06:37:23 pm »
1992 12 oz silver Lunar Monkey coin Mintage 500.

7 K USD with box and coa without shipping fee. (17.07.2018)
« Last post by andrewlee10 on Yesterday at 06:33:08 pm »

Hi all,

I create this thread for us to report the price of the China Lunar coin of current market. This can keep record and data even it is not as advance tool as compare to those paid webpage. Please alway include the following for you post:-

YEAR, Lunar, Metal, weight, omp, graded, Mintage, Price and date.

Andrew and i email each other before or after the posts.    Basically bantering and nothing serious.     I get personal emails that this market is so boring why don't I start a argument w/ someone.   Guess this is the best i can do.    Much ado about nothing as we all know the info already..

Here are 3 ebay listings..
2005   Rooster          $3,800                                        Ebay 292611621359..
2010   Tiger              $3,199                                        Ebay 123242739543..
2010   Tiger              $3,800                                        Ebay 222986188484..

Again, i called Gov Mint twice about these sets and they are the sole distributor of these sets.    Do you know of another distributor?    Ya gotta give me credit for trying to understand the actual mintage...

My contacts or top collector/dealer/etc will always be kept quiet.    I will NEVER say who they are....

Translation on my computer is very weak and gives false info at times.   A ebay seller says his smart phone will translate info but at times it is inaccurate.   I do not own or want a smart phone...

Experts say the Vintage Empire silver fakes are near exact copies of originals.    The thickness is different?   Weight?   Test for metal content?
I know many are highly critical of the graders due to mistakes.     I am not and trust the graders.       NGC grades 2 million a year?    The graders have access to info that we do not.      I only own a few but watching them on ebay the demand is up just like Peter says in his Pricepedia.     So it makes sense that the "general rule"  (not specific or exact) that these early years see the most demand/price in the long run makes sense.    We are in the short run as the market is still semi immature but maturing quickly now as more study this market.   Yes there are many examples of early years that are not worth collecting as we all know so why do you post that as part of your opinion?    We ignore those....

We all know there are thousands of fakes so why post photos of fakes no one here buys?

A fake list of Empire and others will help us all but only the experts can do that.    They list the fake dollars on CCF why not the small ones?

The link you provided i have zero interest in.   Once again for me it is early issue not new issue.     

Hopefully my continual encouragement to interview Feng and others will result in answers?     Is this happening quietly?   Maybe or maybe not.    What better source of accurate info then to ask those involved?....   whoopee....

It is super clear which many of my questions are selectively reply.

All the evidences plus photo and so on which cannot be denied too.

Internet is the same and google translation is the same which computer affect speed only. You are really cute.
Expert BUT unwilling to contribute to the community and cannot name it. Does this help ? probably some readers will view you are the expert in this case.

The experts will tell you Experts say the Vintage Empire silver fakes are near exact copies of originals.    The thickness is different?   Weight?   Test for metal content?"

There is no expert here for empire coin so keep posting will yield no answer as my personal view.

I do not read all Peter pricepedia. However, I did came across which he interview some dealers and comment which they hold the big silver empire coins and selling at peak price due to high cost hold by them and NO BUYER for long time. He did encouraging them to sell at lower price which can turnaround their stock and free the cashflow to buy new stock at low price too. This is simple business concept which most dealers always get affection of emotion. Must sell higher than buying cost.

There are still plenty so call China first year MCC and empire coins fall below NPV.

Yes, indeed you can choose to select and ignore those which you would not like to listen and see. However, it is facts.

As you have been promoting empire coins which you are unable to identify fake or fake. Do you know the category of each period ? Do you know the varieties among one coin? What is the key date? What is the current market value? What the history of each period of differ design and the reasons? Those are the most basis and foundation questions before really go to more questions.

There are at least million of fake instead of thousand. It even can be higher. What this tell you? Prepare a list of big silver empire fake is not even complete and systematic not even mention the small silver or other metals. With dream is always good. nothing wrong with it.

Again I really admire your determination and consistent which saying the same things for many years BUT yet none get a new interview with Feng. My suggestion is you buy a ticket and flight to China to look for him and interview him.

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I really like this new issue, low mint medal due to design and 9 mintage..   ebay photo..

2017  PF 69  Sino German gilt silver  Elephant   $365                              Ebay 163028016303.... 9 pc mint & good price...

May get some info for the Color Silver Lunars soon!.....

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Lunar coin / Re: 2017 lunar rooster panda design proposal
« Last post by JonesTheMan on Yesterday at 08:38:50 am »
For those who want to do a comparison. 

Our designer is not Fork, in case anyone wants to know. Lol.  The designer of the classic Lunar Panda series is Zhang Wenjg and Hou Jiqiang.
Love this coin series so much!! All the coins and bars are gorgeous!
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