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Panda coin / Second round of traffic of USA to China
« Last post by andrewlee10 on 2018 Sep 19, 05:50:06 pm »
Trump has made the executive order to implement the Second round of traffic to China import good from 24 September 2018 for 10%. It will up in year end to 25%. 

It does includes good and silver which both affect fiat and non fiat coins from China. There is one category of others which might means brass, copper and other metals of numic. I am not sure at all.

How the traffic work to numic? How it affect the market? any loophole? Any opportunity ?

2018 ANA show panda has used instead of Shanghai mint. Would other USA coin show follow suit to avoid the traffic ?

I do not buy any single pieces of the 2018 Anan Show panda which always down in price except the error one. Anyone buying?

Gorgeous big silver.     I strongly suggest buyers in the USA to make a purchase quickly and have it shipped before or by the weekend.     The new 10% tariff goes into effect on Sept 24 or Monday.     Why pay the 10%?   
Andrew is not located in China so the tariff should not apply to his sales......

The Atlantic    "What Putin really wants".....

Steve Quayle has several articles that say thousands of troops w/ weapons are flooding the US/Mexico border from Mexico into the US.   Apparently Trump ordered US troops to the border as he has inside information as always.    Dave Hodges Common Sense Show is no worky but his articles are also on Steve Quayle.    Real news is on FOX and also online.    However FOX has not reported this yet but i think they will.    Fake news like CNN is down 41% and FOX is way up as the people of the West are starting to wise up.....
Official mint 80 g silver non fiat coins which hype by someone BUT fail. It is 50K to 100K mintage which for the fail exchange for gambling,

It costs less than 60 USD in china which is 398 RMB.

Go to trusted information and do homework else you get burn fast. Many fake experts and puppet in market which you are unable and not easy to identify them as fake. 

Non fiat coin is less regulated by government BUT it is more room for creative art and exciting in collection. However, it is like share some is blue chip which some is penny share. You need to identify it correctly. The most easy way is follow the trusted sponsor and dealers and do work homework before going into it. However, you need applausive and emotional purchase to grab opportunity too. It is contradict and complicated LOL.
Ivory art by New Shanghai Century Mint 530-560 gram silver, 2 varieties with frame 9 mintage and without frame at rim 29 mintage.

Cost around 900 - 1000 per pieces.

There are other non precious metals varieties.   
silver kilo, 150 g and 30 g panda

jsmineset    American Digital  "OIG audit results that you never knew occured".      Bottom of article has email address to tip investigators.   I sent letters, how else do we stop crime?.....You can send info too..

CCF  posts  "Chinese Panda gold coin officially listed on the Shanghai gold exchange".    In time this should raise demand...

Reuters  "Trump likely to announce new China tariffs as early as Monday; source".    That is tomorrow Sept 17.   Also posted on CCF.   10% or 25% tariff on silver/gold, coins, etc...    China is 15 hrs ahead.    9AM PST or California is 12:00 midnight in China.... Price rise?..

1922  10C  MS 62  Kwangtung silver   -bid-                                                                      Ebay 332807250786..seller has several....

1956  5F  MS 61 circ coin aluminum & 1985  Y  MS 63  Tibet Autonomy cu ni?    $109 both   Ebay 352457730431...good price..

1980  PF 69  Shou Xing  Longevity  silver   rare by Chen Jian   $2,880                                 Ebay 153181562490...

1983  G5Y  MS 65  Gold Panda 1/20   -bid-                                                                        Ebay 312234735682...

1984  Y  Brass Panda   OMP  -bid-                                                                                     Ebay 253861037396...

1984  35th Anniversary  3 pc  cu ni   -bid-                                                                         Ebay 153179412307...

1987  G10Y  PF 68  Proof Gold Panda   -bid-                                                                       Ebay 273465169525..seller has other proofs..

1994  S10Y  Two Camels  silver  OMP   $97.71                                                                    Ebay 232798750813....4,820 mint..


1907  20C  AU 58  Kirin silver dragon   $338  Sold                                                               Ebay 372423454342...

1932  50C  MS 64  Yunnan two flags silver   $325  Sold                                                        Ebay 372424712644...

1980?   Feng Yunming  Pandas   gilt & silver plate   OMP box   $102.50  Sold                          Ebay 132768509285....1st pandas??...

1986  G5Y  MS 68  Gold Panda 1/20    $75  Sold                                                                   Ebay

1994  S100Y 12 oz, S50Y 5 oz & S10Y 1 oz  Unicorn silver 3 pc set  OMP box  $2,900  Sold      Ebay 382562696594...very cheap...
NGC has a article "Soul of a Nation" posted on CCF by Peter.    All about Lu Xun.    It shows photos of 4 Lu Xun coin/medals but not Feng Yunming's Lu Xun that i know of.    Peter did mention Feng.     I posted photos of Feng Lu Xun medals in graded PF 67 and OMP set w/ only 1 COA I have seen.     Boxes are blue but have seen one in red and black.    Outer paper box is rare too.    Since Fwang's translation blog in May 2013, i have counted maybe 9 Feng Lu Xun sets on ebay.    This one was on ebay but when the article was posted but it is no longer available....Ebay 132742648398  $999 w/ outer box but medals have a bit of haze.     Andrew was right about collecting Lu Xun.    They are popular in China but due to article they should see much more demand.    What could be more important then the Soul of a Nation?    Ebay photos...

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